2013 Hawaii Regional Title Sponsor: Kobayashi Group LLC

Please welcome the 2013 Hawaii Robofest Regional Qualifier Title Sponsor, the Kobayashi Group LLC. Thanks to the efforts of our new Program Director, Sandy Ahu, and Senator Michelle Kidani, the Hawaii Robofest program is fortunate to have this opportunity to partner with the Kobayashi Group.

KG’s tag, “Envision, Create, Sustain,” mirrors our goals for Hawaii Robofest. KG is a privately owned and managed boutique real estate development/investment firm focused solely in Hawaii. Principals have served Hawaii in real estate development for over 30 years.

Special thanks to President and CEO, Patrick Kobayashi, and Cyn Nishiyama at KG for their generous contribution.

Also, thanks to Regional Tournament co-sponsors, DataHouse, and Capital One. Their generous contributions will support this year’s Qualifier at UH West Oahu as well as provide resources for new teams to participate in the Hawaii Robofest program.

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