10th Annual Hawaii Robofest – Results

The 10th annual Hawai‘i Robofest Regional Event was held this year at Pearl City High School on Saturday, April 8th, 2017. There were 66 teams (a record!) at the event from 19 different elementary and middle schools.

A big “MAHALO!” to the Pearl City High School Robotics Club for hosting us again. Special thanks to our Sponsors and Community partners for their generous support and to the over 100 community volunteers who helped make the event a resounding success!

In celebration of our 10th anniversary, the following were recognized for their 10-year perpetual commitment to providing scholastic robotics learning opportunities to students through the Hawai‘i Robofest program:

  • Coach Lynn Okamura, Manana Elementary School
  • Principal Bryan Loo, Manana Elementary School
  • Principal Stacie Kunihisa, Kanoelani Elementary School
  • Principal Amy Martinson, Highlands Intermediate School
  • Principal Gavin Tsue, Palisades Elementary School

Last, but not least, KUDOS to all the coaches, parents, teachers and school administrators for their support and to all the hard working students who demonstrated their innovative minds and technical skills. Well done!

2017 Regional RESULTS:

Main Category: EXHIBITION

  • 1st Place: Manana Elementary, Team 784-1 “Ke‘oke‘o Destroyers”
  • 2nd Place: Highlands Intermediate, Team 2545-1 “Highlands”
  • 3rd Place: Kanoelani Elementary, Team 2424-3 “Pet Sitters”
  • Peoples’ Choice Award: Manana Elementary, Team 784-1″Ke‘oke‘o Destroyers”
  • Helping Hands: Kanoelani Elementary, Team 2424-3 “Pet Sitters”

Main Category: ROBOHIT (Game)

  • 1st Place: Pearl City Highlands Elementary, Team 2748-2 “Peaches Bots”
  • 2nd Place:Pearl City Highlands Elementary, Team 2748-1 “Peaches Fire”
  • 3rd Place: Keoneula Elementary, Team 2040-2 “Cub-bots 2”
  • 4th Place: Keoneula Elementary, Team 2040-1 “Cub-bots 1”
  • Judges’ Choice: Ka Waihona PCS, Team 1994-2 “KWON Robotics” (for good attitude, perseverance)

Open Category: Bottle SumoBot

  • 1st Place: Kalihi Kai Elementary, Team 2758-3 “Super Sumo Lettuce”
  • 2nd Place: Kalihi Kai Elementary, Team 2758-1 “Fat Little Llamas”
  • 1st Place Time Trial: Kalihi Kai Elementary, Team 2758-1 “Fat Little Llamas”
  • 2nd Place Time Trial: Kalihi Kai Elementary, Team 2758-3 “Super Sumo Lettuce”
  • Helping Hands: Kalihi Kai Elementary, Team 2758-1 “Fat Little Llamas”

Open Category: RoboParade

  • 1st People’s Choice Award: Nanakuli Elementary, Team 1931-8 “1931F”
  • 2nd People’s Choice Award: Manana Elementary, Team 784-3 “Manana Robo Team”
  • Helping Hands: Manana Elementary, Team 784-3 “Manana Robo Team”

MAHALO! to Lawrence Technological University and all our 2017 Sponsors and Community Partners:


  • High Technology Development Corp (Ilima Sponsor)
  • Friends of Hawaii Robotics (Ilima Sponsor)
  • Hawaii Academy of Science (Plumeria Sponsor)

Community Partners:

  • Pearl City High School Robotics Club
  • Highlands Intermediate School
  • Waikele Elementary School
  • Honowai Elementary School
  • Flo’s Min Flower Shop
  • Finance Factors

For more information, please contact us at info[at]hifusioned.org or call 808.988.1931. Visit the national Robofest website for exhibition and game rules, too: http://www.robofest.net.


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