2018 AtBC Programming Workshop

This year’s game mission is the Autonomous tennis Ball Collector (AtBC) – a bot mission for the game competition at the 11th annual Hawaii Robofest Regional Tournament (April 7, 2018, Pearl City High School).

Special MAHALO! to Mr. Gary Kanamori (former Robofest coach and current Vice Principal at Pearl City High School) for facilitating a great programming workshop for our budding gamers! 50 students attended the EV3/NXT programming workshop on Saturday, February 3rd. Lots of basic programming concepts and competition tips for those who attended.

Here’s a link to Mr. Kanamori’s PPT Google slides for reference: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1JfPYSMfztF6teRgI50AmHJ6gt6qAWLawOHwjbVuntVA/edit#slide=id.g1c6f9fcf84_0_124